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We at JHK Infotech provide some of the finest quality services for an accurate and complete testing of your software programme. Make your software usage more hassle-free and convenient, with our full-fledged Quality Assurance Testing Team provided by us at round the clock time.

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Our quality assurance testing services ensures overall health of your software product and maintain a complete life cycle of your product. We monitor all the important activities included in all round taking care of your software product.

Your web developed products should be having appropriate amount of content and relevant too. Therefore, each web development service needs a verification on its content as well. We are one of the authentic and genuine brand for content supervision as well.

Why should you prefer us for your
QA services?

Client Benefits
  • We provide point to point solution for your hurdles faced during testing of software.
  • We leverage some of the newest technologies and practices to deliver you the best output.
  • We follow timely deadlines by hook or crook, irrespective of any circumstances.
  • We strive for quality work and target to make your product user friendly.

Services Offered by Us

We offer wide range of processes followed under software testing scenario. If one method doesn’t suit your software requirements, then we opt for another method for fulfilling desired results at your end!

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Types of Our Software Testing Services

We provide some of the finest services under software testing which aptly suits your needs:

Automated Testing

  • Automation testing takes care of almost even the minutest faults and loopholes occurred during the execution of your software. There is no need of writing test cases for automation testing. Our automation testing seeks solution at the quickest targeting the exact nerve causing the main problem during implementation stage.
  • Web/Mobile/App Functional/UI Testing along with data verification displayed on the front -end.
  • Mobile functional and UI Testing. We test for the following interfaces: web-based, hybrid or native iOS or Android applications.
  • We also inculcate desktop Testing to strengthen the connection between software development teams and the end-users.
  • Performance Testing is much vital step to ensure that your system meets all the performance criteria.
  • If your software is made to hold massive amount of data, then Database Testing must be conducted on time, for faster data verification or multi-thread automation development
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Manual Testing

  • Manual testing consists of writing of specific user test cases for each functional task to be carried by your software. Manual testing ensures overall smooth performance of the developed software before launching it in the market.We thoroughly test your site’s functionality, compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems and browsers, and approve its content.
  • Usability Testing based on ISO standards to check out how user-friendly your software system is.
  • Security is one the prime feature for today’s application development process. Application Testing includes Mobile Security Testing, Web Security Testing, and API Security Testing.
  • Compliance Testing that comprises both industry compliance and process evaluation testing.
  • Database Testing to verify data migration and quality.
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Our Techniques Used During Software Testing

  • Equivalence Partitioning Method
  • Boundary value Analysis
  • Cause/effect Analysis
  • Exhaustive Testing

Operating Systems We Work With

Our testing generally happens over windows or Mac operating system. Our website and mobile app testing services currently include following Operating Systems:
Web development
  • Mac OS 10.X
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Apple iOS
  • Android

Quality Assurance Solutions

UX/UI Design

Our desktop engineers thoroughly test the entire architecture of your software, examine its functionality, trying hit and trail method with different data inputs and perform hardware compatibility testing as well.


During web quality assurance and testing, we detect such issues as security breaches, traffic stress, integration problems, and compatibility, and help you build out a competitive and high-quality app.

Integration, Migration & Up-gradation

The mobile app developed by your company should work on every device and platform without any hindrance faced by your group of users. We target the output to be similar in all the interfaces, without having to compromise on quality, usability and security of your app.

Our QA Services Lifecycle

QA Services

Prior studying of clients requirements based on that generating blue print of execution plan.

QA Services

Designing of test cases according to the every situation.

QA Services

All the planned test cases and test case scenario are to be implemented.

QA Services

Ensuring that all the execution is properly performed according to the plan listed.

QA Services

Eventually, make sure all the deliverables are achieved and final reports are generated.

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