Database Management

When developing any website or any application, it definitely needs a memory reservoir to store its customer’s data. Your work doesn’t just end at developing a fully fledged software product, but there is something more to it, without which working of website/application is incomplete! Yes, it is database management tool. It allows the person to access, store, and retrieve data of each and every user using the application, and display it whenever needed.

Database Management

There are massive amount of records to be dealt with for retrieval, managing and storing data or even process some data when required. There needs to be a well organized data management system to handle all the data efficiently. All the data needs to be assembled at a common place and managed from those tools.

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Why do businesses need a database management system?

  • To carry out business operations spontaneously.
  • Organize and track customers and employees inventory.
  • Go “paperless” for solving customer query.
  • Liberty to store data of distinct types.
  • Brings automation into processes.

Database Technologies We Excel In

There consists of several database management software which businesses rely upon for their data storage and processing. Here we have discussed some of the database technologies included under our web development and application development services.

Oracle RDMS JHK Infotech

Oracle RDMS

We have mastered skills under Oracle Database management for generating business solutions for our clients. We follow end to end oracle development processes. Our database services help clients to tackle complex business problems leveraging rich industry experience and technical expertise. Oracle is ported well with other platforms as well. It carries multiple database support. Oracle is the first choice for most of the successfully enterprises due to its skillful management of data and highly secured features. Hire Oracle developers from our dedicated company JHK Infotech.

MySQL JHK Infotech


We at JHK Infotech manage our projects database through wholesome MySQL tool. We have gained expertise under database management with the help of MySQL. MySQL is one of the most ancient and most convenient database management system pursued by numerous IT companies. MySQL is powerful software in its own self. MySQL helps you tackle gigantic masses of data. MySQL enables it’s business clients to meet the Database challenges for next generation web, cloud, and communications services with promising scalability and robustness.

Microsoft SQL Server JHK Infotech

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft provided SQL Server is one of the oldest and primary forms of database management. It supports wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and data retrieval according to query generated. We have a huge experience in working with Microsoft SQL server and thereby delivering the right output to our business clients. Hire talented MySQL developers from our company JHK Infotech which will ensure complete dedication in your work. With collaboration

PostgreSQL JHK Infotech


With JHK Infotech, now you need not worry about your data and its integrity. We also acquire skills at postgreSQL to manage your ample amount of data stored on your website/application. We help our clients with prompt and professional PostgreSQL development services to build robust and scalable websites and applications. We are a top PostgreSQL DBMS development company facilitating you with all the features found in an expensive database systems at an economical cost with great performance.

phpMyAdmin JHK Infotech


We are one of the leading brands in using the applications of phpMyAdmin into our valuable projects. PhpMyAdmin has become one of the most popular administrative tools for web hosting services. You can hire phpMyAdmin developers from JHK Infotech for top quality Database development services, who will take your business applications to the next level given the speed and performance of the fastest open-source database. It is highly economical to its clients as well. Using phpMyAdmin is very flexible, moreover it can handle multiple databases at a time.

IBM Db2 JHK Infotech


We offer our services even in IBM Database management system. We have a qualified team of database developers at JHK Infotech which convert your ideas into reality. IBM is quick to install and set up and data is easily accessible, we can save the huge amount of data almost up to pet bytes. Cost wise, IBM is a commercial tool, easy on your pockets also. It is efficient in performance and shows great results. We have expertise experience in all open source tools like IBM database and many more.

Amazon RDS JHK Infotech

Amazon RDS

Working with database can be quite tedious and tricky, if not done using proper tools and technicalities. We at JHK Infotech promise you with the best database management skills for your ultimate rich and classy experience with handling of your website/application. We also work with Amazon Relational database management which is quite convenient and smooth in its query listing. With Amazon RDS, setting up and operating is very easy and the database is very secure. The backing up of the database is an inbuilt feature. Even if the data deleted or lost, recovery of data is an inbuilt feature managed within Amazon Relational database services. It also turns out to be easy on your pockets.

MongoDB JHK Infotech


Expanding the horizons of client business by empowering scalability to newer realms, JHK Infotech stays at the forefront in delivering specialized MongoDB development services. Hire experienced MongoDB developers from a top MongoDB database development company to develop robust and next-generation web apps and mobile apps. You will have an uncompromising experience working with our skilled database management team.

With all the above explained database management tools, one can now make a wise choice to work with our team to make their website or application outstanding in the market. After all, it all depends on smooth and clear functioning of your application, which indirectly depends upon best choice of database management tool.

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