On Demand Services

On Demand Services are Most Essential and Currently People are Looking Forward to these Services. On Demand Business Services are Services Like Food Delivery Business, Grocery Business, Mobile App Development, Spa Business, Hotel Business and Many More Which Deliver their Product at your Door from Anywhere and Anytime.

On Demand Services

On Demand Service App is a Mediator Between Customers and Providers of Different Services. Users Prefer to Pay a Small Fee for a Faster and Convenient Procedure Offered by this type of Apps.

We at JHK Infotech also Provide Various Other Services Like Fitness Apps, Taxi Hiring Apps, Food Delivery Apps, Online Job Portals, Travelling Apps and Sports and Music Streaming Apps.


Fitness App

"Physical Fitness is not Only One of The Most Important Keys to a Healthy Body, It is The Basis of Dynamic and Creative Intellectual Activity." Physical Fitness is The need of The Hour in Today's Generation. Each and Every Individual is Aiming Toward's a Healthy and a Fit Body. We are One of The Leading Pioneers in Making of The Fitness Apps, for your Utter Essential Health and Wellness Business.

Fitness App

The Salient Features Included in The Fitness App are:

  • 1
    Best UI/UX Designs
  • 2
    A Safe Guard Backend System
  • 3
    Large Database Collection Centre
  • 4
    Online Consultancy Available
  • 5
    Reporting & Data Analysis
  • 6
    We can Provide Online Registration Process.
  • 7
    We also Provide Chat Feature with a Professional Trainer.

For Personal Trainers, Dietitians and Nutritionist It Becomes Very Convenient to Deliver Prompt and Efficient Services at Their Clients’ Doorstep. Our Mobile Fitness Apps Comprises of Extraordinary Fitness App Development Features Using The Advanced App Development Technology.

We Are Leaping Forward Into Development for an APP for Fitness and Yoga, Gym etc with Rich Quality Features. In these type of App we Develop Features Like:

  • Online Appointment with Experts with Date, Day and Time
  • Online Advice from Experts
  • Find out and Hire Gym Instructor Online
  • Find Out Appoint nutritionist Online
Sep Sep

In The End you will Receive The Product with these Salient Features:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Technical Support
  • Safety & Security
Fitness App

The Trainers will be Able to Upload The Workout Routine Video on The Streaming Channel. There will be a live Sessions Options Available for The Users to Interact with your Experts Team. You can also Toggle The Chat Feature with a Trainer.


Taxi Hiring

In This Fast Growing and Leaping World, Every Human Being Needs The Utmost Facility at The Speed of Light. The Process of Using an App Should be Hustle Free and Smooth. With The Car Pooling Concept and Sharing of Cabs, Initiated The Concept of Taxi Hiring Apps.

  • 1
    Private – Hire / Taxi (Select Car, More than 1 Ride Preferably)
  • 2
    Car Pooling, Rental (Ride Sharing and Saving Fuel and Time and Too Economic for Customers)
  • 3

The App Will be Featuring The Below Listed Salient Properties:

  • The user will be able to enter the destination
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Vehicle selection of users type
  • Displaying upcoming trips
  • Past trips also shown
  • Invitation code generation

We have a team Experts to Design and Developyour online Taxi booking App that Includes all Process features from Client and Taxi Owner:

  • Number Masking
  • Localization
  • Payment Options
  • Intelligent Queue Algorithm
  • Dispatch Panel
  • Automated Dispatch
  • Automate Driver’s Billing & Payouts
  • Fixed Rate Zones
  • GPS Technology
  • Cloud Operations
  • Database Designs
  • Real-time Analytics

Admin Panel Manages:

  • Admin can Manage to add and Remove Properties, field. Like City, Vehicle, Driver, Services.
  • Can Create and manage Own Customer and driver staff.
  • Can Manage Reservation Process.
  • Can Manage Job assignment & cancellation to drivers.
  • Can Create their Business Partner and can Assign Roles
  • Can Direct Chat to Driver
  • Can set Different Rate for Different Customers
Taxi Hiring Taxi Hiring

Food Delivery App

Food at your Finger Tips

Need any Cuisine at your Fingertips?

Is your business goal/target to drive in more foodies to reach out to their desired restaurants?
We are designing the perfect food delivery application for your revenue generating business which will attract huge number of customers to your booming business. If you want to expand your business globally, we are the best choice for your efficient food delivery app. We bring in the affordable solution for your all types of business queries along your prosperous journey.

Why we?
We at JHK infotech, provide the ultimate android application services. We are working on hybrid of certain technologies.
Our expert developers team manage to create user friendly apps which are responsive in nature, robust as well, encourages user engagement, frictionless navigation tool, and overall good user interface with latest technologies demonstrated within your app. Our apps will help you bring in more customers to your business solution.

The app will be divided into 5 major code segments including:

  • Customers app (order tracking, smart search, schedule order, take away option)
  • Restaurant app (menu management, manage orders, track payments)
  • Drivers app (depicting pick up location, tracking of food parcel, etc)
  • Admin panel (manage customer account, manage restaurant account)
  • Advanced features (chat, logistics, order from website, customer support)

The app will be featuring the below listed salient properties:

  • Order online
  • Take away and delivery
  • Table reservation
  • Restaurants ratings will be displayed.
  • Authenticate customers reviews will be shown.
  • Secure online payment system
  • Coupon availability
Food Delivery Screen App

This App maintain online order, delivery, Payment Process Between Restaurant and Customers. There are Many Features that we will Build. Follow are the features.

The ETD Shows The Estimated Time of Arrival will Also Displayed in your Application.
When you click on the restaurants options, the user need to choose from various restaurants listed in the drop down menu, under which the user need to select the appropriate dish of their own and choose the right quantity for them. And there you go, you need to wait just few more minutes to hog on your favorite food.


Job Portal

Seeking for an Absolute Hustle Free Experience with Job Portals?
For your job consultancy business to flourish high, we at JHK provide the apt platform for the employers to seek suitable employees for their available job profiles with appropriate qualifications and expertise.

Due to the advent of internet, large population of graduates apply for jobs through online websites, as compared to newspapers. The job portal should be built in the aim of better and smooth interaction among recruiters and professionals. We are here to make your website more convenient and efficient. The structured website made out of our efforts will be the reservoir of large amount of database wherein bulk resumes can be uploaded and downloaded respectively.

We are Including 3 Main Headers
on your Successful Job Portal
Job Portal

Special Features for Employers

  • Post their vacant job ads
  • Manage companies profile
  • Search the relevant database
  • Subscription Management and Purchasing

Special Features for Job Seekers

  • Free Resume Posting
  • Online Resume Editing
  • Upload / Attach Image in the resume
  • Jobs Bookmarking
  • Online form filling

Admin Panel

  • Manage Job Ads
  • Admin can Manage Candidate Profile
  • Admin can Manage Package, Job Seekers, Employee, and Role
  • Can Maintain Reports and CMS (Content Management system)

Salient Features :

Rich and Robust Characteristics of your Job Portal will be:


Travelling App

Do you want to improve your business outreach of your travel agency, then you have to target all the verticals optimally. A dedicated travel mobile app allows you to not only market your company in a more effective manner but also provide your clients with better and highly personalized service. We offer highly functional and easy to use travel app design and development services that are customized for different business models. The highly effective travel app will help your customers in a range of activities resulting in repeat visits.

Travelling App Screen

Travel Mobile App Features:

  • Place Discovery: Helps to search out locations with complete details.
  • Social Media Integration: users an share your posts on social media sites.
  • GPS Technology: to get the exact location while travelling.
  • On Demand Booking: Easy to book your Hotels, cab, tickets and travel agents.
  • Payment Integration: credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses
  • Holiday Planner: plans and events your holiday.
  • Intelligent Booking System: smart and budgetable bookings.
  • Destination And Utility Finder Apps
  • Cloud Operations
  • Customer Grievance System
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Holiday Wish Lists.

Added Values:

  • Dedicated Teams
  • Flexible Environment
  • No Hidden Cost
  • NDA Security
  • Source Code Authorization
  • 24x7 Support
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Security and IP Protection
  • On time Delivery
  • QA Tested & Bug Free Solution
Travelling App Screen

We will Create App for your Idea of Listen Online Music This App Holds Very Advance Features.

  • 1
    Music Streaming App
  • 2
    Apps for Brands
  • 3
    Music Editing Apps
  • 4
    Music Learning Apps
  • 5
    User Profiles Browse & Organize
  • 6
    Public & Private Playlists
  • 7
    Integrated Algorithm
  • 8
  • 9
    Social Sharing
  • 10
    Music Organizer
  • 11
    User Activities

Admin Panel Features:

  • Can Upload, Edit & Delete Track, album, Artist, genre
  • Manage Users, Membership and Subscription
  • Manage Promotions and Advertising

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