POS Software System

Do you want to process your daily transactions more flexibly?

Fed up with Paper work? Tired of RecordingInventory?? All these Problems Can be solved by POS software development. POS Empowers your Business.

You can get Real time update for Your Inventory Data by developing a POS Software for your Retail Business. By Using POS Software Your Business will be easy to manage and Powerful and it Reduces the time for Back-end Office work.

POS Services

A point of sale system works when your customer purchases from your store and pays for your products/services. Still many people are not using a proper compiled POS technique for their retail shop. It is a Solution for Managing Sales Very Efficiently. We Develop POS Software which fulfill your Business Requirements.

Benefits of working with us
  • We will be relying upon your choice of payment processor/gateway.
  • Our product will be compatible to your application connected to your business module.
  • Our product will be generating detailed sales reports.

Services we provide for POS Software Development

POS Services Provide
  • POS Development
  • Mobile Payment Solution
  • Online POS Software
  • Payment Processing Software
  • Pos Accounting integration
  • POS analytics integration software development POS system
  • POS inventory management integration
  • POS custom services

Key Features We Integrate Into
POS Software For Our Clients

  • Employee administration
  • Inventory records
  • Customer management
  • Billing options
  • Security
  • Mobile access
POS Key Features

We Have Developed POS Solutions
For These Industries

Retail Business

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Books and stationary
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Pet supplies
  • Beauty supplies
  • Furniture and other home furnishing items

Malls and Supermarket

  • Clothing chain stores
  • Sports chain stores
  • Chain restaurants
  • Food court
  • Supermarkets
  • Branded outlets

Online Stores

  • Book and eBooks
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Online medicines store
  • App stores in mobile
  • Online service providers
  • Online entertainment providers
  • Online ticket booking
  • Online food ordering
POS Various

Various POS Software Developed by us

What Services we Included in
Our Currency Remit App

Cloud Based Point of Sales Software
We Develop Cloud POS software that Works Online as well as Offline and will automatically synchronize when connected. Using Online POS you can check for Analytics Inventory and Data of Customer by any device.
Mobile Point of sale Software
You Can do Payment and Manage your Inventory and Customer Data by Mobile POS. It Runs On both Online and Offline modes. Mobile POS can Be used by Vendors, Freelancers, Professionals like Contractors etc.
Online Point of Sale Software
Most of the E-Commerce Platforms or Stores use POS Software for Running their Online /Offline Business Flawlessly. Also manage customer Information with Status for all Orders.
Terminal Point Of Sale Software
You Can Find Terminal POS Software at supermarkets and Retails stores. Terminal POS hold Software and Hardware both and Require Internet Access. We Develop Terminal POS that can be Customized as per Requirements from Different Businesses.
Tablet Point Of Sale Software
Android Tablets and iPads are Becomingmore compatible for POS Solutions. This runs on Offline Mode also later on When it gets access to Internet, It synchronizes with other Devices to Transfer customer Information. You Can Find Tablet Version of POS System at Bars, Restaurants, Salons, shops and Cafés.

POS Integration

In This gigantic E-commerce world, It has Become Essential to Integrate Your System with Numbers of E-commerce Platforms and Marketplace. We Help two Big E-commerce Platform to Integrate with POS System. These are as follows:

POS Integration Magento

Magento is the Most Popular and Very Efficient Online Shopping Software in the World. POS Integration with MagentoIs a very Challenging Task. API’s Of Magento are very Unique by their Structure That Requires Previous Analysis. We have a team of Experts who have mastery in Magento Point Of Sale Integration.


  • Magento is a First choice For E-business in World and Widely Used Platform For E-commerce, so Integrating POS with Magento will Help to Grow Customers for Your Business.
  • Customer can have new Experience for Online Shopping.
POS Integration Woocommerce

WooCommerce Is an Online shopping platform and POS Plugin gives Experience of Shopping at Physical store point. Integration of POS With WooCommerce gives a totally new Shopping Experience to Customers.

Therefore, imbibing upon POS integration services for much smoother and hustle free experience in your retail business is a sure shot efficient way to expand your business.

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