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JHK Infotech is your trusted partner for hybrid apps development services that match your business requirements. We have an in-house team of vetted hybrid app developers honed with all the skills you need to develop your hybrid app.

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Our Hybrid App Development Services

We at JHK Infotech provide all the services related to hybrid app development comprising:

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Hybrid Mobile App Maintenance & Support

Hybrid Mobile App Maintenance & Support

We ensure smooth operations of your hybrid app 24 x 7, so none of your app users face any glitches or downtime while using your app. We continuously monitor your app and address any issues that may cause any troubles.

Hybrid App Design and Development

Hybrid App Design and Development

The ux designers and app developers at JHK Infotech create an intuitive, and user-friendly blueprint of your app based on your requirements. They always go beyond your expectations to ensure the app is designed in the best way possible.

React Native Development

React Native Development

We have React Native in our tech stack to create your hybrid app. We develop your app with the powerful React Native framework that allows seamless functioning of your app across multiple platforms.

Hybrid Application Integration

Hybrid Application Integration

We ensure your hybrid application works with most third party tools, and that’s why we provide hybrid application integration services. We make sure to enhance the functionality and performance of your app through app integration.

Support and Maintenance for Hybrid Applications

Support and Maintenance for Hybrid Applications

Our reliable hybrid app maintenance and support services ensure your app runs smoothly after deployment. We can also help optimize your app's performance in a competitive marketplace.

Hybrid App Testing

Hybrid App Testing

The Quality Assurance team conducts all kinds of tests on your developed hybrid app to ensure there are no bugs in your app. We do the quality assurance through some rigorous cycles of development and testing to deliver a bug-free app.

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Hybrid App Development Company in India

JHK Infotech is a trusted and leading hybrid app development company in India, USA with a rich portfolio helping businesses succeed with its app development services. The experienced and sound app developers at JHK Infotech always ensure the code they are writing is well-optimized so it performs great and meets the client requirements. JHK Infotech understands the cutthroat competition in the market, so we offer competitive rates to our clients, without compromising with the quality of the services.

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Benefits of Our Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid App Development Services
  • Cross-platform compatibility:

    Hybrid apps work cross-platform, so you will have to develop one app that will work for both Android and iOS platforms (with a little tweak in the code).

  • Native-like performance:

    We write high-performing code for your hybrid app that will deliver a native-like app performance.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

    Hybrid apps save your development time and cost, as the developers have to write code for one time only that will work on the Android as well as iOS platform.

  • Faster time-to-market:

    As the developers have to write code only one-time, hybrid apps tend to have the advantage of faster time-to-market.

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Hybrid App Technologies We Use

We have got various latest technologies in our tech stack to build high-performing hybrid applications that work across multiple platforms. Developers at JHK Infotech might leverage these technologies to build your hybrid app:

JHK Infotech

React Native App Development

React Native is one of the popular frameworks used for hybrid app development. We’ve got sound React Native app developers onboard who write the best code. React Native provides code reusability leading to faster development, and it also offers seamless integration with multiple tools and frameworks.

Xamarin App Development

We develop cross-platform apps that work on Android, Windows, and other platforms. Xamarin apps share a single codebase, which enables the app to run on multiple platforms, and ensure native-like app performance.

Flutter App Development

Flutter developers at JHK Infotech hold expertise in designing and developing visually appealing cross-platforms apps. Flutter provides a rich set of pre-designed widgets enabling faster app development.

PhoneGap Development

We have PhoneGap in our tech stack to build hybrid applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows developing cross-platform apps with lesser time to market, as the same HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for the Android, as well as iOS application.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 and CSS3 is the best combination to design and develop a web page. Developers at JHK Infotech utilize both technologies along with JavaScript to design and develop visually appealing web pages.

Ionic App Development

We develop hybrid apps that deliver native-like performance by leveraging the AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, and the Ionic framework according to your business requirements. Android and iOS both platforms can run code written in these technologies.

Kotlin App Development

Kotlin, the modern programming language, is being quite popular to develop hybrid mobile apps given its concise syntax, null safety, interoperability with Java, and excellent tooling support. All these make Kotlin a reliable app development technology.

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Industries We Serve

We are helping a wide range of industries by offering our hybrid app solutions. Those industries are including the following, but not limited to:

















Social Networking

Social Networking







Our Methodology

Project analysis

As the very first step, we thoroughly analyze your app idea and business goals, and define the project scope.


As the second step, our team defines the development process and allocates resources accordingly to set the project milestones.


Designers then create wireframes and prototypes for your app to visualize your app’s flow and layout.


Thereafter, our best developers start developing your hybrid app by following the best coding practices.


Multiple testing sessions are performed on your app to identify and eliminate any bugs to ensure a bug-free app.

Deployment and launch

When we are sure the app is ready to launch in the market, we deploy and launch your app followed by ongoing support.

Choosing JHK Infotech for Hybrid App Development

Experienced team:

We hire talented and experienced professionals who write optimized code to develop high-performing hybrid apps for multiple industries.

Customer-centric approach:

We are a customer-centric company, and leave no stone unturned to deliver exceptional hybrid app development services.

Transparent communication:

We believe in transparent communication and keep our clients informed about every step taken into the project.

Agile methodology:

We follow agile methodology to develop your hybrid app to ensure faster turnaround time, and quick iterations on your project.

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  • We have a proven track record of developing cross-platform hybrid apps.

  • We offer competitive rates to support small and medium sized businesses.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and we convey every feedback directly to our CEO.

  • We work with cross-functional teams to meet every single requirement of our clients.

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A native app is built specifically for a particular platform i.e. Android or iOS. Code written for a native Android app can be run only on that platform. On the other hand, a hybrid app is developed on web technologies, i.e. HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. As that code can be run on any platform, it can be used for Android, iOS and web platforms.

In most cases, a hybrid app can achieve performance similar to a native app. However, apps that require hardware resources at an extreme level, hybrid app might not be a good option.

Yes, hybrid apps can access device-specific features including hardware like GPS, camera, and more. Hybrid apps can access native APIs, so accessing hardware through hybrid app is possible.

That entirely depends on the app complexity, your requested features, resources allocated to your projects, and more factors. Compared to native app development, hybrid app development takes much less time to develop, as the majority of code can be re-used for multiple platforms app development.

It’s simple, if your app is graphics-intensive, and requires hardware usage at significant level, you can go for native app development, but if your app is simple and requires basic operations, you should choose hybrid app development, as it saves development time and costs.

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